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Personal Safety and Educational Development (A Division of PSA Inc.) was established 10 years ago to empower parents, students, and educators through a series of in-demand, educational workshops. Michael Herring, the President of Personal Safety and Educational Development has spoken to over 150,000 parents, students and educators during the course of his 20+ years in teaching, business, training, classroom management, consulting, and workshop development.

In 2007, Mr. Herring was recognized by the United Federation of Teachers (UFT) for providing outstanding service to educators and students—and is certified in classroom behavioral management through the Center For Teacher Effectiveness.

In 2018 and 2019, Mr. Herring was requested as the keynote speaker at “Dads Take Your Child to School Day”, and has conducted professional development workshops for  a number of school districts; including, The New York City School District, The Charlotte-Mecklenburg School District, and the Hartford Connecticut School District. He has also worked with various early-learning communities, including Urban Strategies and the Palisades Association for the Education of Young Children.

Hi I’m Michael Herring

President of Personal Safety & Educational Development

Empowering parents, educators, and students has been the focus of my energies for the last 20+ years.  My ability to work collaboratively with school districts and educators to create highly engaging educational workshops has resulted in the development of over 100 partnerships throughout the United States.  Our workshops are specifically designed to provide supplemental support to both parents and educators to facilitate and ensure a successful learning experience for children in early-learning communities through high school. I welcome the opportunity to partner with you, your school district, and your parents.


Finding high-quality, content-driven workshops for parents and staff is a time-consuming endeavor for school districts, educators, and parent leaders. So, to save time, we’ve created sixteen interactive educational workshops, resulting in a high level of parent and staff engagement, and long-term sustainable partnerships.

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