“The Four Pillars to Increase Parent Engagement” WORKSHOP

Increasing parent engagement at school meetings continues to challenge many parent leaders. Work schedules, language barriers, negative educational experiences, and intimidation due to a lack of education are several of the reasons parent leaders cite for low parent participation at meetings. Our newest professional development workshop, “The Four Pillars to Increase Parent Participation” address these issues and provides successful strategies to overcome the hurdles parent leaders face today. The four foundational pillars include, 1) Starting with The End in Mind, 2) Build Your Army, 3) Communication/Efficiency, and 4) Document/Recognition.  Additionally, effective goal-setting, Up-selling, and the power and effectiveness of F.O.M.O. are introduced through several group interactive exercises and social media. Finally, each participant will leave with an “implementation pledge”, and several timely documents to incorporate at their next meeting.

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