Yvonne Robertson

Parent and Educator PS 224 Hale A. Woodruff Elementary School

“Thank you for such an engaging and informative workshop. It has been a long time since I have been in a workshop that I didn’t want to end. As a parent and an educator, it was great to participate in a workshop that was interactive and educational.  I plan to use the strategies you shared with both my children and my students to build their vocabulary.”

John Thompson

Title 1 Representative P.S./I.S. 66

“Thank You Michael. The workshop was well accepted and loved by the parents.

The parental response to our survey at the conclusion of the workshop rated the presenter and the information presented in the 95% percentile category. Most have asked for a repeat presentation.” 

William Gardenhire

Parent/Former PTA President P.S. 80Q

“It has been an excellent experience participating in the workshops that Mr. Michael Herring has provided for PS 80Q Thurgood Marshall Magnet School. I am happy to say that, because I implemented the educational strategies that I was instructed about in Mr. Herring’s workshops, not only is my daughter a more focused/better student, but both of our interpersonal communication skills have improved and we have a better relationship because of it! Accolades to Mr. Michael Herring for making parents in the District 28 South Jamaica community aware of these different educational strategies, for the enthusiasm and encouraging way he inspires parents to implement these strategies, and for the results that you can clearly see if you apply what Mr. Herring instructs.”

Aracelis Cancel

PTA President P.S. 75 School of Research & Discovery

“We had two wonderful and informative workshops with Mr. Herring these past two weeks at PS 75 School of Research & Discovery. He has great energy and a positive attitude that keeps you focused and draws you in the entire time. We would love to recommend Mr. Herring to other PTA Boards looking to do parent workshops using Title 1 money or using any funding and we look forward to continue working with him.”

Rose Carter

Parent Coordinator P.S. 276 The Louis Marshall Schoola

“Phenomenal workshop – we (the parents) were well informed and encouraged to make changes to enhance our lives and the lives of our children.”

Elvira Akdas

Title 1 PAC Chairperson at PS/IS 119Q

“I’d like to share with you that I am still receiving calls from the parents after your last workshop “Personal Safety”. The parents greatly appreciated the very important information, facts, quizzes, and the way you presented during the workshop. You’re truly amazing at what you do. I feel so fortunate and blessed to have gotten the chance to work with you the past two years. Hopefully, I will continue to work with you and help to organize the workshops next school year, and we will invite teachers as well. Thank you so much. Kind regard”

T. Estremera

Title 1 Parent Advisor Council (PAC) P.S. 140

“This is a great workshop for all adults young and old. I hope to have another workshop for more parents.”

Kelly Lopez-Santos

Community Resource Director - PS 158/Grand St. Settlement

“Parents and school staff enjoyed the workshop. They found it very informative. All parents should receive this information.”

D. Thomas

Parent Coordinator P.S. 223Q

“…more workshops should be done in every school. Parents, teachers and principals should be aware of how they can keep children and themselves safe.”